African Beat
About us.

The first airing of a pioneer episode of the African Beat Music Program appeared on Time Warner's Digital Cable channel, Wisconsin On Demand (WoD) in July 2006. However, the African Beat Music Program (African Beat), as an entity, was actually established in 2007 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

African Beat was created to produce and promote the renaissance of African Cultures; to unite Africans in the Diaspora; and, to entertain Africans and non-Africans alike, in our Global Village, with premier, practical, and innovative All African music and entertainment services.

(1) Create forums that promote the sharing of African music by and amongst members of the public.
(2) Maximize outreach, by internationalizing African music and making it more easily accessible to the rest of the world.
(3) Create and maintain a demographic that includes loyal listeners who appreciate African music and culture.
(4) Reach and re-define a global network of loyal listeners to African music through our website.

However, presenting African music to global listeners has never been so costly and time-consuming. Both on the radio and television, African music has constantly been competing with other powerful, better established, and more heavily-backed radio and television networks; with their very glossy production styles.
The related glamour, extravagance, and celebrity-style productions now in-vogue, have led to a high level competitiveness amongst these established radio and television networks, and so tended to put African music beyond the reach of most of its potential listeners and viewers. The predominant "blockbuster-movie" style of production, with a concerted focus on the glitz and glamour of commercial fantasy, has failed to provide an opportunity to produce and air African music for those people who are interested in African musics styles, and positive cultures and traditions.